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TAM: about Bob Holman

By now, I am assuming that you have read Lyle Rexer’s excellent catalog interview with Chuck Close and Bob Holman. One of the things that is mentioned in it, is that Chuck Close wanted the artist and writer to be equally important within the book. On that note, here are some resources related to Bob Holman.






Bob Holman reading his praise poem about Elizabeth Murray:

You need to have Flash installed to do this – the web page provides a link.


Listen to some Bob Holman poetry:



The United States of Poetry

The series he produced for PBS, the United States of Poetry , features over sixty poets including Derek Walcott, Rita Dove, Czeslaw Milosz, Lou Reed and former President Jimmy Carter, as well as rappers, cowboy poets, American Sign Language poets, and Slammers. USOP lives on as an anthology from Harry Abrams Publishers (in its second printing), a home video from KQED, and soundtrack CD from Mouth Almighty/Mercury Records, a label Holman co-founded.



SlamNation is a (great, in my opinion) documentary about poetry slams and Bob Holman is in it.

The following movie summary is from

SlamNation chronicles the competitors from the 1996 National Poetry Slam in Portland, Oregon. The film follows the four-person teams representing twenty-six cities as they battle and strategize through preliminary rounds. Ultimately, the final four teams vie for glory and a bronze trophy of books and boxing gloves before a sold-out crowd of thousands at the Portland State Theater.

Despite some ferocious moments between the poets, including a heated spat between Mark Smith and Bob Holman, it is clear they all hold deep respect for one another. They tease and fight in a way only family can, such as Taylor Mali's lampooning of his comrades in his exacting piece "I could be a poet." One sentiment echoed in several interviews, and evident throughout the film, is that the rivalry between competitors ultimately inspires them to create stronger work and more powerful performances.

You can rent SlamNation from or a good video rental store.



Def Poetry – Season 4, Episode 8 (Part 2 of 4)

Featuring Bob Holman "Rock & Roll Mythology" and three other poets: (warning – this clip has swearing and other language/ideas that may not be appropriate for all situations)

You can rent “Russell Simmons Presents Def Poetry” from It is probably hard to find at video rental stores.



“This is a video excerpt from "Rock and Roll Mythology." Holman is a leading force in slam poetry.” (not my words)


Bob Holman on creativity:


Where to see a Seattle Poetry Slam:

Every Wednesday night at ToSt, Seattle Poetry Slam (Seattle's longest running weekly show) hosts a spoken word blow-out unlike anything you’ve seen before. Come join a supportive community that LOVES the word - written AND spoken. Each week you will see an OPEN MIC, A FEATURED POET and A SLAM. Show begins around 8:30. 21 & over, $5 cover, ID required.



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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

This Thursday = 03/20 = Third Thursday = Docent Coffee + Artwalk

Hello Fellow Docents and Interesting People,

Spring will officially be here !

TAM has a new exhibit A Couple of Ways of Doing Something: Photographs
by Chuck Close, Poems by Bob Holman (opened 3/1)

The Museum of Glass has a new exhibit : Lino Tagliapietra in
Retrospect: A Modern Renaissance in Italian Glass (opened 2/23)

William Travers has new exhibit: Cordy Ryman

The Helm will have new exhibit: Children of Nature


A gentle reminder that this month's Docent Coffee / Third Thursday
coffee will be at Cutters Point Coffee, 5:00pm + with the same "No
Agenda" and same "No RSVP Required" policy as always!

Day: Third Thursday
Date : 03/20/2008
Place : ** Cutters Point Coffee **
Time: 5:00pm +

The museums will be open free and late; the galleries will be open; we
can take the train to the theater district. No agenda is good freedom.

No RSVP; Just show up!


Here are the 3rd Thursdays this year: 01/17 ; 02/21 ; 03/20 ; 04/17 ;
05/15 ; 06/19 ; 07/17 ; 08/21 ; 09/18 ; 10/16 ; 11/20 ; 12/18

You'll get one reminder message on the 3rd Mondays.

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TAM: language suggestion

As you all know, Chuck Close is a person with a disability as he is paralyzed and uses a wheelchair.

The correct language to use, is to always put the “person” first: a person with a disability, a person in a wheelchair, etc.


If you ever have a question or issue concerning an exhibition or artwork, please let me know. I am happy to find an answer for you or discuss any problems you may have. The ideal situation is always that someone asks the question and that the museum’s expectations are clear.


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