Friday, July 24, 2015

Docent Updates

Hi docents,


A few updates and Samantha will also be sending an email…




·         Library Books—Last meeting, it was mentioned that it would be beneficial to borrow books from the library. Of course you can borrow books from the volunteer shelf at any time (I just added two copies of the Shimomura catalogue, and more resources are coming soon). You may also register as educators and borrow books from the teacher resources part of the library. In terms of the main collection, let’s keep this on a case by case basis for now, and just email me if you are interested in a specific book loan. Similarly if you think we should buy certain books to add to the volunteer loaning shelves, let me know.

·         New Videos Available—The TAM Symposium video is now available on TAM’s website and on the docent vimeo page (   tamdocent123). Rock’s Shimomura presentation can only be watched on the volunteer computer on admin. It is located on the desktop and you can stop by to watch it anytime at Kara’s old desk. I also checked and the old Hide/Seek videos are still up on vimeo if anyone is interested in reviewing them.



·         WWU Alumni Association Group Tour

Saturday, October 17th, 11am-12pm

~50 Attendees

Art of the American West

1-2 docents needed





Asia Marie Tail

Education Assistant


T: 253-272-4258 x3030

1701 Pacific Avenue, Tacoma, Washington 98402


Now open on Tuesdays!


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