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FW: Carving a Legacy Talking Points

Here’s the newest information about Carving a Legacy.


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Hi everyone
Here are the most recent talking points for Carving. Any questions, let me know.

Carving a Legacy Talking Points

Visitor Services

July 21, 2005


Q:   What is the exhibition about?

A:   The exhibition was created to show how contemporary Coast Salish artists embrace traditional art forms and techniques, while incorporating influences from their lives today. The exhibition focuses on the process of creating this art and features many Salish artists actually making art in the gallery. There are also many opportunities for visitors to try their own hand at creating Salish style art.


Q:   What is the highlight of the exhibition?

A:   Two artists in residence – Shaun Peterson of the Puyallup Tribe and Greg Colfax, a master carver from the Makah – will be carving an 18-foot welcome figure from a single log. The highlight of this process is that visitors are able to see the artists at work, and talk to them as they work, watching them sketch the plans for the figure, create a scale model, and then set about the work of carving the final figure.


Q:    Where is the log?

A:    The museum and the artists are pursuing several leads on a log that meets the artists’ exacting specifications, as far as size and relative flawlessness. In the meantime, the pre-work of sketching and carving to scale – in order to anticipate and react to any challenges to be found in the larger figure – is being done in the gallery.


Q:    What about the log in the parking lot?

A:    The red cedar log in the parking lot was harvested from the Olympic Peninsula. The artists found some flaws with the log that would make it risky to carve, so we are going to re-sell this log after we find one that more closely meets the carvers’ specifications.


Q:   What will you do with the Welcome Figure when it’s finished?

A:   The museum and the City of Tacoma have partnered to place the welcome figure in a prominent location in downtown Tacoma. Those negotiations and the choosing of a site are ongoing at this point.


Q:   I was expecting to see more art in the gallery. What else is going on with this show?

A:   We’ve turned the gallery into an artists’ studio for this exhibition. Basketry demonstrations and workshops, drawing and design activities, storytelling, and song demonstrations will take place regularly throughout the exhibition. Remember, this exhibition is more about showing the processes used by contemporary Coast Salish artists than it is about presenting the final works for display.


More information on programs related to Carving a Legacy can be found in Museum Notes and on our website:


Q:   How do I find out more about Coast Salish culture and art?

A:   There are many books and other resources available in the Art Resource Center. Attend one of the many programs we’re offering that are related to Carving a Legacy.


Q:   What is a Welcome Figure?

A:   The Welcome Figure honors the history and contributions of the Salish to our community. The Puyallup Tribe is part of the Puget Sound Salish Indian culture which flourished in the Pacific Northwest. The welcome figure is not a totem pole. A totem pole is a way for artists to convey family heritage. A welcome figure is used to welcome people to a certain area.


Q:   When will the artists-in-residence be doing their carving and other art in the gallery? Is there a schedule?

A:   We’re in the process of negotiating specific carving and weaving times with the artists, working with them to find a manageable schedule that fits into their lives. Please call ahead to see when the artists will be in the galleries.


Q:   What programs are available with Carving a Legacy?

A:   You can find a list of programs for the Carving a Legacy and the entire summer on our website at, in our newsletter, Museum Notes, and on the Carving a Legacy/Zero Karat rack card. There are also special program cards available at the opening celebration.


Q:      Why isn’t the log in the gallery? When will the artists begin carving?

A:      The artists have detected some potential flaws in this tree and are deciding whether it’s worth the risk.

This is a project of great importance to the museum, to the artists, to the City of Tacoma, and to the community, so we’re working with the artist to make sure the tree we use to carve the Welcome Figure is exactly right; this is a sculpture that is going to last for 150 years.






  • Please try to be patient with the large percentage of unknowns that this exhibition will bring. Remember to emphasize that this exhibition is about the process of art-making and about preserving the cultural heritage of the Coast Salish people.


  • Also be sure to note that this exhibition is groundbreaking and important. The emphasis on the process and the commitment to turn the exhibition over to artists-in-residence is noteworthy. Our job is to try to help the visitors understand that not all exhibitions are as straightforward as Hudson River. There are variables, and human beings, and real life involved with putting on a show like this. That’s part of the point: These contemporary artists have factors influencing their lives that their ancestors did not.



Wednesday, July 20, 2005

FW: Discover theater in the Russell Gallery this Thursday evening!

Hi Docents,


I thought you might be interested in this.  Theater in the gallery, who would have guessed!


Shannon Eakins

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Russell Gallery this Thursday evening!


Picasso’s Ghosts

A ten-minute theatrical production based on Pablo Picasso's 1903 oil painting The Old Guitarist

will take place in the Russell Gallery at 5:30 pm.  It will be repeated at 6:00 & 6:30pm

Feruz, played by local actor Luke Amundson, is an art museum security guard who encounters Fiona, a high-school student visiting the museum played by recent Stadium High graduate, Sophia Hamilton.  The two meet in front of a significant Picasso painting (YES – you have to use your imagination!) and their unlikely encounter both surprises and connects them through their dialogue about the artwork.

Picasso’s Ghosts is a short play written by New York playwright, J.G. Haller.  Directed by Suzy Willhoft, a teacher at Stadium High School, it features two local actors: Luke Amundson, and Sophia Hamilton. It

was originally produced at Tacoma Little Theatre and performed during TheatreFest 2005 in May, which featured a series of ten-minute performances inspired by visual art.



Paula McArdle

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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

This Thursday = 07/21 = Third Thursday!

Hello Fellow Docents,

A gentle reminder ...

Day: Third Thursday Date : 7/21/05 Place : ** Cutters Point Coffee **
Time: 5:00pm +

The museums will be open free and late; the galleries will be open; we
can take the train to the theater district ... go to RampART where
Laura Eklund's art in on display (in case you haven't met her, she
works in the TAM Untitled cafe - introduce yourself).


If you work downtown or can come for lunch, do join us for Final Friday Lunch.

Day: Final Friday Date: 7/29/05 Place: India Mahal Time : 12:00 Noon

India Mahal is at 823 Pacific Ave Tacoma WA 98402-5209 Phone:
(253)-272-5700 - and has a very inexpensive buffet ($6.99 ?!). The
food is good.

No RSVP required ; just show up!

Sanjeev Narang


email: ask {*at*} eConsultant dot com
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Monday, July 18, 2005

coverage requested

Hello fellow docents:
I will not be able to docent on Saturday August 6th from 9:30am to 1:30pm. Would anyone be willing to cover this shift?

Penny Grellier
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