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Chronological Biographies of Cole, Church, Bierstadt

Hello Fellow Docents

I couldn't find chronological biographies of Cole, Church, Bierstadt
.... so, I compiled these.

Hope you find them useful.

(Any/all errors are mine!)

Thomas Cole 1801-1848

1801 - Born in Lancashire, England ; Trained as an engraver of
woodblocks used for printing calico; Apprenticed to a calico designer
and wood engraver in England

1818 - Cole family immigrated to America ; Stayed alone in Philly
before going to Steubenville, Ohio

1823 - 24 - Studied the landscapes of Thomas Doughty and Thomas Birch
exhibited at the Pennsylvania Academy

1825 - Moved to NY; Borrowed $25; traveled to Hudson River; First
three paintings bought for $25 each by John Trumbull, William Dunlap
and Asher Durand.

1826 - Founding member of the National Academy of Design in New York City

1827 - Visited White Mountains for the first time; spent time in
Catskills; making drawings and notes on colors, distances and
atmospheric conditions.

1829 - Europe; spent 2 years in England; impressed by works of John
Constable and JMW Turner; went to France and Italy

1831-32 - Visited Italy

1836 - Commissioned by Luma Reed for "The Course of Empire" - 5
paintings set - rise and fall of civilization; not received well.

1836 - Married Maraih Bartow; settled in Catskills

1839 - Started "The Voyage of Life" - most well received paintings.

1841-42 - Visited Europe (England, France Italy, Switzerland)

1844 - Took Frederic Church as his first student. Church's father paid
$300 per year for two years.

1848 - Died on Feb 11th at the age of 47; Poet William Cullen Bryant
gave the oration at the National Academy of Design.

Frederic Edwin Church 1826-1900

1826 - Born in Hartford CT on May 4th

1842 - Started studying art

1844 - Daniel Wadsworth prevailed upon Cole to take Church as his only
pupil. Church was Cole's first student. (Cole once observed that
Church already had 'the finest eye for drawing in the world')

1848 - Moved to a studio in NY City; accepted William James Stillman
as his first pupil

1849 - Shown at the National Academy of Design annual exhibition;
became associate member.

1850 - Sold his first major oil, to Hartford's Wadsworth Atheneum

1853 - Church and his friend Cyrus Field set forth on an adventurous
trip through Colombia and Ecuador (first artist to visit South

1857 - Finished Niagara - well received.

1857 - He traveled to Ecuador with the landscape painter Louis Remy Mignot

1859 - Heart of the Andes shown in NY; 2400 people paid $0.25 to see it.

1859 - Second trip to Ecuador;

1860 - Bought land in Hudson, New York, and married Isabel Carnes;

1865 - Church's son and daughter died of diphtheria

1866 - Frederic junior is born

1867 - an eighteen-month trip to Europe, North Africa, the Near East,
and Greece - He first spent six months in London and Paris, and then
continued on to Alexandria, Beirut, Constantinople, Baalbeck, Petra,
and Jerusalem

1870 - Built Olana (his home - now a museum) - designed for him in the
Persian and Moorish styles by the architect Calvert Vaux

1870 - Founding member of The Metropolitan Museum

1876 - Suffered from rheumatism of the right arm

1900 - Died in New York City on April 7th

Albert Bierstadt 1830 - 1902

1830 - Born in Solingen, Germany (near Dusseldorf)

1832 - Moved from Germany to New Bedford, Massachusetts

1853 - 57 - Returned to Dusseldorf Art Academy in Germany to Study Painting

1857 - "The Portico of Octavia Rome" - first painting bought by
Wadsworth Atheneum.

1858 - Organized an exhibition in New Bedford - including 15 of his own.

1859 - Traveled to the territories of Colorado and Wyoming, for a time
in the company of a United States government survey expedition headed
by Colonel Frederick W. Lander

1866 - "The Rocky Mountains" (huge - 60 square feet) - sold for
$25,000 - the highest price at that time.

1882 - Fire in Malkasten destroyed paintings.

1890ies - His reputation declined; other movements emerged and gained strength.

1902 - Died in NY City.

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Nov. 5

I got called for jury duty the first two weeks in Nov. so there is a
likely chance I won't be able to do my morning shift that Fri. anyone
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