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TAM Docents: Labels for Event Space & Speaking Parts Sign-up

Hello Docents-

Thanks to all of you who attended today's walk-through of Oasis and Speaking Parts and to those who went up to Seattle for the Macaulay lecture. For those who missed Macaulay, there will be a podcast available here: It is not up yet (I just checked) but it was announced before the lecture so be sure to keep an eye out.


Attached you will find labels for the current Event Space exhibition.


Below you will see the current sign-ups for the Speaking Parts Presentations on Monday, November 17 from 10:30 – 12:30 pm.

*The follow-up, required training for Speaking Parts will involve peer teaching and tour practicing.  Each of you is to select two works from just one of the three sections of the exhibition and present how the two works relate to each other. Your presentation should not exceed five minutes (we'll be timing) and should include at least one or two key points about the artists, the intent of each work, and how together they strengthen the museum's overall collection.  Please contact me with your selections so that we can ensure good coverage of the exhibition. You should have your name next to 2 artists (please double check). The artists in red still need someone to cover them.


Dennis Evans

Writing Lessons, 2002


Text and Symbols


Guy Anderson – Judi K & Sharon B

Circle of Life, 1972


Russell Day

Moon-Sand-Forever, 1970s


Sally Finch – Elizabeth W

The Wasteland Revisited I, 2001


Kathryn Glowen – Katrina F & Sharon B

Dress of Years, 1997


Thomas Haukaas – Bev B

More Time Expected, 2002


Paul Horiuchi – Linda F

Weathered, 1956


Maude Kerns – Bev B

Yang and Yin, 1943


Howard Kottler – Elizabeth W & Gaard L

Layed Back, 1973


Utagawa Kuniyoshi – Terry D

Lion Dancer, 1847-48


Kiff Slemmons – Terry D

Leonardo da Vinci, ca. 1990


Sarah Ellen Taylor – Roxanne P

The Tarot Cards, 2003


Mark Tobey – Linda F

Movemento, 1954


Terry Toedtemeier – Katrina F

Untitled (Hidden History), 2004



Materials and Process


Artist unknown – Nancy H

Butterflies (Kōcho), 1836


Harry Bertoia

Small Bush, ca. 1965


Mark Calderon

Deva, 1992


Donald Hazeltine

Povera Bowl, 1994


Sarah Hood – Randi K

Malden Avenue East, 1999


Nancy Mee - Randi K & Roxanne P

Hanging and Bound Spine, 1997


Hilda Morris

Guideposts, mid 1980s


Robert Motherwell – Debora K

Open No. 176 (in Crimson with Orange and Black Line), 1970


Whiting Tennis - Debora K & Gaard L

Blue Tarp, 2007



What is a Painting (definition)


Susan Ford

Beetlemania, 1990


Morris Graves – Karin M & Margaret U

Untitled, circa 1935


Sally Haley – Margaret U

Untitled (Eggs and Lemons), 1973


William Ivey – Karen M

Untitled (Green Landscape), 1984


Hugo Kauffman

Flirtation, 1904


George Luks – Sid C

The Immigrant, ca. 1904-06


Ambrose Patterson – Sid C

Bathers, 1931


Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Têtes de deux jeunes filles \ Les Deux Soeurs, 1890

Heads of Two Young Girls\The Two Sisters


Pierre-Auguste Renoir – Sue S

Pommes sur un Plat (Plate of Apples), date unknown


Karl Spitzweg

Landschaft (Landscape), 1885


Robert Yoder – Sue S

Mather, 2002


The following docents still need to get back with me regarding your choices: Anne S, Barbara A, Barbara B, Jim R, Florence R, Judi K (2nd Choice), and Sanjeev (I know you'll take the leftovers). Even if you cannot make the training, please do the assignment and send that to me via email and I will share it with the group.




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