Sunday, October 05, 2008

TAM Docents: Day of the Dead

Hello Docents-

Thanks to you that joined us for the Dia de los Muertos/Day of the Dead training on Sunday. For those of you unable to attend, there is a copy of the materials in the Current Exhibitions binder at the Docent Desk. There is even a copy of the PowerPoint used which should catch you up with the rest of the group. We also watched a video, Flickering Lights: Days of the Dead. That video resides with Melisa Jennings and I am sure that she would be willing to let you borrow it to watch in the ARC. If you need help locating her desk, feel free to ask a staff person on Admin and anyone should be able to direct you there. She is also cc’d on this email so that you could make arrangements with her prior to coming in to save some time.


Some of the docents at Sunday’s training expressed concern about not being able to attend all of the training lined up. I will do what I can to keep materials and notes up to date in the Current Exhibitions binder for you to review. I have also been asked about recording the trainings for those unable to attend. I am looking into this. At this time, Margaret Bullock is fine with that but, as of yet, I do not have an adequate recording device. I will research some options to try to make that happen. As I do not currently have that at my disposal, it is unlikely that I will be able to record the training on October 13. Each individual doing the trainings would have the option to decline being recorded so, even if that becomes an option, it will still not always be available. Until then, I would like to continue having someone make notes to share with the group. If you are concerned about missed materials, I will be happy to discuss some alternative options with you. For example, you were provided with a suggested reading list for Oasis: Western Dreams of the Ottoman Empire from the Dahesh Museum of Art and I would recommend one of those options for those unable to attend all of the lecture series.


Please continue to let me know about your concerns and questions.


Best regards,



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