Friday, May 17, 2013

Upcoming trainings and field trips - TWO!

Hello Docents!
Thank you so much for your patience. I was going to send this email out earlier in the week, but I’ve been talking to Mark Takamichi Miller about our visit to his school, so I delayed contacting you! There’s a lot of information to discuss, so bear with me!
Here are the upcoming lectures/trainings:
Next week, May 22nd at 10:30A, we will be meeting up for a potluck! Josh and I will be providing a main dish [most likely pizza]. We would love if any of you could sign up for a main dish, side dish, and/or dessert. Please email me with any additional questions or comments [I really feel like I’m forgetting something].
And finally, on June 12th, 10:30A, Rock Hushka will be meeting with us to discuss the Pruzan Collection, which opens June 15th [and closes October 6th]. If you are unable to attend this lecture, please let me know as soon as possible! [We are also discussing the possibility of recording this lecture for those of you who are unable to attend or who would like to listen to it again in the future.] 
Upcoming field trips:
After talking with Josh, we have agreed that there will be two “field trips” this summer! The first will be to White River Valley Museum. As you may be aware, NIHON/WA is showing until the end of July [check it out here], so we are setting up a tour of both the museum and the NIHON/WA exhibition. Anticipate an email from me soon regarding dates and times. This field trip will be free for you!
The second field trip we are offering is to The Miller School of Art in Georgetown! Due to Mark Takamichi Miller’s schedule, we are invited to participate in a painting exercise on Tuesday, August 13 from 9A – 12P! He asks that we wear grungier clothes and he will be providing supplies and snacks. Mark has offered us the very generous price of $20 per person. If you would like to attend this trip, please email me back before July 31st! Additional details will be provided as the date draws nearer. You can learn more about his phenomenal school, teaching style, and mission by clicking on this link.
Finally, there will be a new training schedule. Trainings will still be taking place during the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays at 10:30A. Due to numerous requests, though, we have scheduled a third training for Third Thursday evenings at 6P. The training that takes place on the 2nd Wednesday will be much more informational, potentially including a lecture on exhibitions. The training taking place on the 4th Wednesday will be much more focused on improving you docent shifts—how to approach visitors, sharing research, etc. The Third Thursday training will be a combination of the 2nd and 4th Wednesday trainings. We know that some of you are unable to meet during the day, so Third Thursday will be a great time for you to go over everything you may have missed at the Wednesday trainings!
Thank you for bearing with me through all of that information!
Interim Volunteer Coordinator | In-House Photographer | Visitor Services Representative
Beyond Books: The Independent Art of Eric Carle
April 6–July 7


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