Thursday, April 25, 2013

Docent Update Email

Greetings Docents,
Great seeing many of you at the docent training yesterday. I wanted to send an update email for those who weren’t able to make it.
I want to thank you all for your dedication of years to the museum. I know there has been changes and there will be more. Thank you for being patient and I know change can be both frustrating and difficult. You are all being patience with this transition and we as a museum and education department recognize it and are moving towards a docent program that has increased support because it is important to us.
I am excited for the future of the docent program with the new expansion. We will be sharing that more with you soon and want your help in creating the vision for the docent program. I am excited for how the changes in staff in the near future will positively assist the docent program. As most of you know we posted a full time Volunteer and Public Programs Manager position that includes the docent program. This is a position looks a lot like Jana’s position and we are eager for that new person to join the team full time and build strong relationships with all of the volunteers and docents.
Second, during the month of May, Amy Dieringer and I will both be leading the docent trainings. Here is a little about the upcoming trainings.
On May 8, we have a gift for you from the museum.  We are going to be giving you copies of our new northwest catalogue and I have talked to Margaret Bullock about sharing about the process the museum has gone through in creating this publication and also talking about the plan for future publications and our online database and summer view share project. If you already bought a catalogue and don’t want 2 let me know. While I find advantages to having 2 identical books, primarily when I lose one, or want to gift one, or am repairing my deck and need to prop 2x6 boards on the table saw (not kidding), we want to make sure that those who have already invested in a book aren’t discouraged.
On May 22, we will have a potluck. We will plan the potluck on May 8. We will continue the conversation about what the docent program needs and wants. I think there is a lot we can do together. I am excited to setup future events that work with you all and will focus on engaging tours, inviting conversation in the gallery, research projects that will be added to our digital effort, along with other things in motion. There is a lot of talent and skill in the docent program alone and I feel many of you could gain a lot from sessions where we do peer exercises.
Third, come join me if you desire as a docent or volunteer or guest at either of these events. Just opportunities, not requirements. J
Sunday April 28, 11 am – 2 pm - Slow Art Day at Washington State History Museum and Tacoma Art Museum - Join WSHM and TAM as we introduce a variety of works at each museum, and provide an opportunity to compare and contrast the methods, themes and context of each work of art.  Trained docents will introduce your session at each location, and thoughtful questions for discussion over lunch will be provided.
11:00 AM - 11:45 AM - Slow Art viewing at WA State History Museum 
11:45AM - 12:00PM - Walk to Tacoma Art Museum
12:00PM - 12:45PM - Slow Art Viewing at Tacoma Art Museum
1:00PM - 2:00PM Lunch at Relish Cafe (TAM) or Harmon Brewery if cafe full
Slow Art Day is a worldwide celebration of art that encourages people to look at art SLOWLY – and thereby experience art in a new way. You can see more about Slow Art Day and the mission behind it on our website:
Saturday, May 4, 10 am–4 pm - 10th Birthday Celebration - Tacoma Art Museum is celebrating 10 years in their current building at 1701 Pacific Avenue. Join us for a full day of birthday festivities!
Fourth (Finally!), education staff is here and cares about you. Email me, email Amy, help us serve you. Attached is the BNY Mellon text. If there is more that you need, don’t hesitate. Forgive us for when we have fallen short and remind us what we have been like when we are at our best. A lot is in motion, many exciting things to come, this is a time of evolution. I am excited for us to be a part of it together.
See you all soon at the museum and thank you. Spring is a great time for growth.
Interim Director of Education
Beyond Books: The Independent Art of Eric CarleApril 6–July 7


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