Wednesday, February 08, 2012

TAM Docents: Biennial Artist Presentations

Hello Docents-

Thank you so much for the time and care you took in presenting your artists today. They were all so interesting! For those we didn't complete and for those docents who could not attend, I would really appreciate it if everyone would provide me with some of your notes via email that I can compile and send out to all for reference. I will be out of town from February 11 – 21 so, if you are all able to get them to me before Friday, I can send them out before I go; otherwise, I will send that out when I return.

Thanks again,



Jana Wennstrom | TACOMA ART MUSEUM

Manager of Public and Volunteer Programs


T: 253.272.4258 x3030

1701 Pacific Avenue, Tacoma, Washington 98402


embrace art in everyday life Folk Treasures of Mexico October 29 - February 19





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