Thursday, October 20, 2011

TAM Docents: Welcome new docents!

Hello Docents-

As of today we have officially welcomed 2 new docents to our rank and file: Sarah Berkley and Kara Bonavia. I will be scheduling them for shadow shifts soon so be aware that you may be paired up for some of your shifts as they learn the ropes and learn from you by watching and asking questions. They  have been given the New Docent Checklist as a guideline too. Both have also RSVP’d to the lunch following Nancy Fullerton’s talk on October 28 so please welcome them in person then!

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Jana Wennstrom | TACOMA ART MUSEUM

Manager of Public and Volunteer Programs


T: 253.272.4258 x3030

1701 Pacific Avenue, Tacoma, Washington 98402


Celebrate Día de los Muertos at Tacoma Art Museum | Free Community Festival October 30




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