Friday, October 14, 2011

TAM Docents: Tracking your time as volunteers

Hello Docents-

Some competition is in the air already for the Volunteer Appreciation event in April. I have received some questions about how I factor in hours for the STAR Volunteers. As I explained some items that were not known, I figured I would give you all a heads-up on how to maximize your hours as volunteers.


The fiscal year (where I start counting from) starts in July and that is when I start tracking your hours for Volunteer Appreciation. The 75 hours cut-off point we use for the STAR Volunteers was determined based on more than 2 4-hour shifts per month in that timeframe (9 months, 2 4-hour shifts = 72 hours) which is why you would be a STAR volunteer if you gave more! Docents should usually not have any trouble being STAR Volunteers if you are coming for regular shifts plus trainings.

If you participate in any event generated by the docent or volunteer program (like glassblowing, an offsite studio tour or other type of tour, lunch with Nancy Fullerton later this month) you can count that time as volunteer time. Even though you are having fun, you are probably learning something! Do not assume that I keep track of any off-site hours you may do as I only track the time you submit in the sign-in book at the back door. If you want to have your Chihuly Boathouse tour time (including travel time!), you need to write it into the book, including the date, and I will then make sure it gets recorded. If you cannot remember that long, just send me a concise email with the event, date, and time and I will get it into the database for you.

I hope this helps. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.


Thank you,




Jana Wennstrom | TACOMA ART MUSEUM

Manager of Public and Volunteer Programs


T: 253.272.4258 x3030

1701 Pacific Avenue, Tacoma, Washington 98402


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