Tuesday, November 30, 2010

TAM Docents: FRIDAY Training Reschedule for Edo to Tacoma

Hello Docents-

I hope you all had a lovely holiday!

I know this is short notice but I wanted to get you trained in the changes for the Edo to Tacoma exhibition as soon as possible so I have rescheduled last week’s training for this Friday, December 3 at 10 am. I hope that you can make it! We will meet up at the gallery near the text wall promptly at 10 am (though I have a meeting scheduled with Stephanie directly prior so I will encourage Zoe to get started without me if I am not there yet). If anyone is willing to take notes and transcribe them for any docents who cannot attend, I am sure it would be appreciated.

Thank you,



Jana Wennstrom

Manager of Public and Volunteer Programs

& Interim Director of Education


1701 Pacific Avenue

Tacoma, Washington 98402

T: 253.272.4258 x3030

F: 253.627.1898




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