Thursday, August 23, 2007

TAM: opportunity to shadow a Chihuly Walking Tour on Oct. 3

On Wednesday, October 3 at 1:00 pm, I will be leading a Chihuly Walking Tour – mainly to give YOU an opportunity to witness a Chihuly Walking Tour.

I will be splitting a group of 20-25 adults with Ellen Shigeno.


Please take advantage of this opportunity to shadow a real Chihuly Walking Tour! -- especially if you've been a little shy about getting started. Chihuly Walking Tours are fun and easy to lead – the participants don't usually ask "tough" questions and they are usually already fans of Chihuly. Come see how easy it is!


If you are interested in joining me, please RSVP!


Thanks for your time!


Heide Fernandez-Llamazares

Museum Educator and Docent Coordinator



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