Thursday, August 29, 2013

Docent Calendar Calendar

Hi Docents,
Below is the calendar for September and part of October. I still need some docents to sign-up to research and discuss an artist from Sitting for History for training on September 4th and/or 14th. You do not need to attend both trainings, but I encourage you to try to attend both since different docents provide different perspectives. Attached is the sign-up sheet, let me know if you would like to choose another artist(s).
Also, we have some public programming coming up and I would like to extend the volunteer opportunities for the lectures to the docents. You just need to check tickets at the door and you can attend the lecture for free. The lectures and dates are on the volunteer opportunity email that I sent out this morning. If you did not receive that email, please check the lecture schedule on the TAM website!
On another note, I told a few docents last week that I had figured out the book for this quarter’s docent readings, but had to make a change since the book was only available in the UK. For those who want to get a head start, the book we will discuss on November 9th and 20th is Portraits and Persons by Cynthia Freeland. I will order three copies this week: one for the ARC, one for teacher resources, and one for the docent library. If you decide to check this book out, I ask that you keep it for a short period of time to allow other docents the opportunity to check the book out.
Public Programs and Volunteer Coordinator


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