Thursday, August 02, 2012

Field trip and tour at SAM // msg from Courtney //

Hello, docents and school tour educators!

Next Wednesday is our trip to SAM for a special tour, with lunch
(sorry, lunch is not covered by TAM) beforehand in SAM's Taste café.
Note that our tour is with one of the SAM curators! A pretty special

Field trip and tour at SAM

Wednesday, August 1, 2 pm

Let's travel together to Seattle and tour American Art in the 1930s
and 1940s with Curator of American Art Patricia Junker. Join us for
no-host lunch beforehand at SAM's Taste café at 12:30 pm.

So far we have received RSVPs from the following folks:

Loretta Lukaczer

Will Anderson

Sanjeev Narang

Barbara Beaver

Judi Keyser

Kara Bonavia

Sharon Berens

Carolyn Dunand

Mark Dungan

+ several Education staff members

We needed reservation #'s for both the lunch and the tour, and as it
gets a little closer we'd like to make sure they're accurate. Is there
anyone not on this list who is planning to attend? Is there anyone on
this list who can no longer attend? Please let me know, and when you
confirm/RSVP, I'll assume you are in for both lunch and tour unless
you tell me otherwise.

For folks who are attending, please also include in your response to
me what you'd like to do about carpooling: Are you willing/would you
prefer to be a driver, and how many people can you take? Would you
prefer or do you need to ride with someone else? Will you be meeting
us in Seattle or staying there afterward, or would you just prefer to
travel on your lonesome?

Hope to hear from you soon! I'll be contacting SAM with final #'s on
Tuesday, so before then, please. If I get sufficient responses to work
out a plan I will email you the carpool info in advance as well; if
not, we will sort it out after we meet here at TAM Wednesday morning.
If you are planning to travel with us on Wednesday, hopefully we will
see you here for the special 10 am info session; if you can't attend
that but would like to be part of the carpool, please arrive at TAM by
11:20 am and

Sanjeev Narang
email: ask {*at*} eConsultant dot com
<a href=""></a>


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