Friday, June 29, 2012

Exhibition info galore

Hello everyone:


I am about to send you a little landslide of materials for each of our new exhibitions: label text, checklists, lecture videos if we’ve got ‘em. I will group it in several emails as I believe Jana did, to try to avoid bounce-backs.


Attached is label text and a checklist for the exhibition The Marioni Family: Radical Experimentation in Glass and Jewelry. We had a wonderful training/public program with Paul and Marina Marioni, facilitated by Rock, on June 13. (And perhaps some of you even caught the talk with Rock, the Marionis, and Dale Chihuly during our Annual Meeting this Tuesday!)


If you missed the training, please do your homework. J We’ll have a video of the June 13 program available soon on our Vimeo page (I’ll send you the direct link when it’s up), but in the meanwhile we’ve got lots of info on the Marionis in the ARC, as well as the great episode of Craft in America, “Family,” featuring the Marionis: (this video is also playing in the gallery). We’ll also have an audio guide up and running soon that will share some firsthand info from the artists about a few of their key pieces and some other important works in the exhibition, such as Chihuly’s first macchia.


More coming soon for Best of the Northwest and Marie Watt!



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