Thursday, February 10, 2011

TAM Docents: Questions from a tour #2

Hello Docents-

I am again sharing information sent to Rose that I thought could benefit everyone.




Jana Wennstrom | TACOMA ART MUSEUM

Manager of Public and Volunteer Programs

& Interim Director of Education

T: 253.272.4258 x3030



American Chronicles: The Art of


February 26 – May 30, 2011


courage – family – innocence – freedom – history




Dear Rose,

I am glad if the information is helpful!


I am attaching to this email the description of Jo and Uba (listed under “Rake and Broom”) that I mentioned below. It is taken from: Merrily Baird, Symbols of Japan (New York: Rizzoli International Publications, 2001), pp.266-267. I truly adore this book. It is an incredible reference. And it is interesting that in the attached description Baird mentions that Jo and Uba are traditionally depicted with a crane and tortoise as those animals are pictured (in a stylized manner) in the wallpaper behind the tableaux of the elderly couple. I’m attaching a quick digital of that panel of the triptych. Such a rich image!


Also, I wanted to mention that for those interested in shunga there are many publications. But there is one that deals in particular with censorship (and so of course touches on shunga) and I would sincerely recommend it as fascinating reading. It is: Thompson, Sarah E., and H.D. Harootuninan, Undercurrents in the Floating World: Censorship and Japanese Prints (New York: The Asia Society Galleries, 1991).


Really interesting to hear of the Korean connection to the train station. And thank you for your kind words about the show. I certainly appreciate your efforts to help make it come alive for the visitors through education.







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