Tuesday, July 27, 2010

TAM Docents: Latest Show Images from Scott Trimble

Hello Docents-

Here are some images that Elizabeth has been generous enogh to share with us.



Jana Wennstrom
Manager of Public and Volunteer Programs

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Dear Docents:


I had done a report on Scott Trimble for one of our exhibits last year and got on his email list. He just forwarded these photographs that I thought you'd enjoy.


Elizabeth Walsh

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Hello everybody,
Attached are some images from latest exhibitions that haven't made it to my website yet.
Just want to keep you all in the loop. 
First set of images is a piece I built for the Artopia Arts and Music Festival.  It transpired in late June in Georgetown, just south of downtown Seattle.  I received a grant from 4Culture (Seattle) to build a life-sized boardwalk where I was able to create a venue by having a few bands play on it and have belly dancers do their thing on it as well.  My intention was to have the public at large participate by walking on it.  I pulled out a $2 million dollar insurance policy on it for the duration of the show but the owners of the property wouldn't have it.  I convinced them to allow the public to walk on only half of it.  Let's just say, they are receiving an angry letter.  Can't tell you how wrong it was seeing numerous security guards kicking the little kids off the boardwalk.  Lame! 
Second set of images are some pieces I did in memory of my Dad. "Rocket to Pops"  and "Wheelchair be Damned".  This show is at Pratt Fine Arts Gallery and runs to the end of July.
Thank you for indulging my ramblings and I hope all of you are doing swell during this magical summer.
Peace, love and rockets....
scott t
WST Studios, LLC



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