Friday, October 30, 2009

TAM Docents: exhibition calendar

Hello Docents-

I thought you might enjoy this “preview” of upcoming exhibitions. Please read on for more details….



Jana Wennstrom
Manager of Education and Volunteer Programs

& Interim Co-Director of Education

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From: Zoe Donnell
Sent: Friday, October 30, 2009 1:47 PM
To: All Employees; All Interns and Workstudies
Subject: exhibition calendar


Hi everyone,


I am writing to let you know about a number of updates to the exhibition calendar on the H drive. Most of these pertain to FY11, although some also affect the summer 2010 exhibitions.


We have some finalized exhibition titles and some finalized exhibition dates.


Here is a quick run down of the changes and updates:


  1. The Neddy exhibition has a confirmed title. It is Honoring 15 Years of Neddy Artist Fellows. The exhibition dates are June 5 through August 22, 2010. Please note this exhibition had a previous close date of September 26, 2010.
  2. The dates for the Victoria Adams exhibition are July 10, 2010 through October 3, 2010. This replaces the close date of October 10, 2010. The title for the Victoria Adams exhibition is not yet confirmed.
  3. The Japanese woodblock print show has a confirmed title of Edo to Tacoma: Japanese Woodblock Prints from the Collection. The exhibition dates are September 4, 2010 through February 13, 2011. This exhibition will rotate works on a large scale (like the entire exhibition) in order to preserve the works on paper. The tentative date for this rotation is November 2010.
  4. The Impressionism exhibition will close on October 10, 2010 not October 9, 2010 as previously stated.
  5. The portrait show has a confirmed title of Sitting for History: Portraiture from the Collection.  The exhibition will open on October 21, 2010 and the close date is still to be determined.
  6. The Tacoma photography show has a confirmed title of Mighty Tacoma: Photographic Portrait 2010. The exhibition will open on October 21, 2010 and will close in January 2011 with the final date still to be determined.


The fall 2010 shows are orchestrated so that all galleries will be open on Third Thursday October 21, 2010—the museum’s actual birthday.







Zoe Donnell

Curatorial Coordinator


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Tacoma, Washington 98402

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F: 253.627.1898



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