Monday, August 18, 2008

TAM: Your help and cooperation is much appreciated...




Hello Everyone,


I am hoping to enlist your further support regarding our existing gallery guidelines as they pertain to Illuminating the Word:


Rather than having VS interrupt your tours to speak with visitors, I ask that, when necessary, you remind visitors in your group to refrain from touching the Plexiglas on the cases and leaning, tapping, etc on the vitrines.

As you know, Plexiglas scratches very easily, and dirt and fingerprints detract from the viewing experience.


If you are not comfortable addressing this issue with visitors for any reason, please feel free to ask any available VS representative to do so. 

Please bear in mind that all of us, VS and docents alike, set the example for our visitors to follow. Should you have any questions about the guidelines, or the reasons we have them, please ask your nearest (or dearest) VS person. They are more than just pretty faces!


It has also come to my attention that there has been some concern on behalf of visitors regarding the lighting in the exhibit. I thought it might be helpful for you to know the procedure we follow when lights give up the ghost: Throughout the day, VS regularly makes note of these instances and at the earliest opportunity the offending bulbs are replaced. It is museum policy that preparatory work be completed during the hours when the museum is closed to the public. Much of this work also involves coordination with the security systems in the building. Unfortunately, the lights do not seem to know this policy - they continue to burn out at all hours! Visitors can rest assured that every effort is made to keep our exhibits properly lit.


Visitor Services greatly appreciates all of your hard work this (and every) quarter. A thousand thanks! 


Ellen Ito

Visitor Services Curatorial Liaison



Heide Fernandez-Llamazares

Museum Educator and Docent Coordinator



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