Wednesday, August 13, 2008

TAM: Saint John's Bible reminder

Now that we are a little over halfway through The Saint John’s Bible exhibition, I just want to remind you to make sure your information is always fresh and correct. Please consider re-reading the Media Fact Sheet, FAQ, and the Smithsonian article on the project. (All are attached but have been sent previously.) I bring this up simply because this exhibition is so vast and full of little facts.


During the training with Tim Ternes, he recommended that re-reading the Smithsonian article before each tour or shift was one of the best ways to prepare.


And don’t be afraid to tell visitors that you don’t know the answer to a question. You can send visitors with difficult, unusual, or simply unanswered questions to the Art Resource Center. Visitor Services is also a good resource if you are in the galleries since they are very familiar with all the “frequently asked questions” by now. It is perfectly acceptable to tell visitors you don’t know an answer (and much more desirable than fudging it), but do offer to help them find the answer or offer them resources that hold the answer. The Saint John’s Bible websites are and And if you are guestimating an answer, just be honest and let your audience know that your memory is a little foggy.


Thanks for all your hard work!


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