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TAM: Oliver Herring to speak about TASK

Dear Docents,

Here is more information about Oliver Herring's talk at Seattle Public Library.

We met Oliver Herring last May as part of the Sparkle Then Fade exhibition.


This will be a great opportunity to learn about the genesis and development of Oliver Herring’s Task in the Northwest. Seattle Public Library, the Frye Art Museum, On the Boards, and Tacoma Art Museum are partnering to present the performance Task by Oliver Herring. This eight-hour performance brings together a diverse group of participants to complete an ongoing series of tasks. The choreography, cooperation, and elegance of the unfolding of the tasks make this a performance not to miss.

It would be great to have a small Tacoma Art Museum showing.


I would like to be there, but can't make it due to the afternoon Chihuly Walking Tour.


Please let me know if you plan on attending or would like to attend – I will be happy to help you set up a car pool and put all of you in contact with one another.


When: Wednesday, Oct. 3 from 9-10 am

Where: At Seattle Public Library downtown branch auditorium

Frye, OTB, SPL, TAM staff and docent event with Oliver

PLEASE ATTEND and please put the word out to all your staff and volunteers. This will be a great way to meet the artist and hear about his past TASK projects as well as discuss the upcoming SPL TASK.

Directions: If on foot, come to the Fourth Avenue entrance.  A library staff member will meet you, let you in, and direct you to the auditorium.

If you park in the Central Library parking garage, take the elevator to Level 1.  From elevator lobby, someone will direct you to the auditorium.


Oliver Herring: Task

June 28, 2008, Seattle Public Library

The Frye presents Oliver Herring’s Task in conjunction with partners the Seattle Public Library, On the Boards, and the Tacoma Art Museum. An improvisational, daylong art-making event, Task brings together a group of strangers of diverse ages, professions, and backgrounds to create a unique site-specific contemporary artwork in the Rem Koolhaas-designed Seattle Public Library. Simple tasks devised by the artist become catalysts for performance by the participants. When the first artist-assigned actions are completed, participants invent their own tasks for others. The unpredictability of the performance is inherent to its process: the artwork takes shape according to the interests and creativity of those on stage as well as the relationships they form with one another.



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