Monday, May 07, 2007

TAM: Japanese prints reading suggestions

The following books on Japanese prints have been recommended by the Zoe in the Curatorial department (comments on the books are by Zoe):


  1. Hartley, Craig. Prints of the Floating World, 1997.
    An excellent introduction to ukiyo-e and the Edo Period in Japan—very complete and contained. I would highly recommend the essay “The Floating World” on pages 8-15 for docents. Beautifully written and says it all. Not sure if it is in the ARC.
  2. Neuer, Roni. Ukiyo-e: 250 Years of Japanese Art, 1978.
    A good over-all survey book. A copy is available in the ARC, but it may currently be in use by Curatorial.
  3. Clark, Timothy and others. The Dawn of the Floating World, 1650-1765, Early Ukiyo-e Treasures from the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, 2002.
    This is kind of more of the same—overall introduction to early ukiyo-e. But it has its merits: recent scholarship, a stellar museum, and Clark is one of the most respected historians of ukiyo-e. Not sure if it is in the ARC.
  4. Lane, Richard, Images from the Floating World: The Japanese Print, 1978.
    More than you ever wanted to know about ukiyo-e and definitive. This book has been my bible. A copy is located in the ARC. Please be forewarned that this book contains a large number of Japanese erotic prints!


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