Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Tomorrow = Third Thursday + Shannon Eakins at Icebox

Hello Fellow Docents and Interesting People,

Come by, drink some coffee; see some art ... before the gluttony and
shopping (madness) season of Thanksgiving takes over.

We can even go to the Icebox and ask Shannon some tough docent-y questions.


A gentle reminder that this month's Docent Coffee / Third Thursday
coffee will be at Cutters Point Coffee, 5:00pm + with the same "No
Agenda" and same "No RSVP Required" policy as always!

Day: Third Thursday
Date : 11/16/06
Place : ** Cutters Point Coffee **
Time: 5:00pm +

The museums will be open free and late; the galleries will be open; we
can take the train to the theater district. No agenda is good freedom.

No RSVP; Just show up!


As always: Too much email ?? Let me know if you want off this list.


An installation by Shannon Eakins

Ice Box Contemporary Art
301A Puyallup Avenue
Tacoma, WA 98421

Overkill, an installation by Shannon Eakins, is an environment
designed to entice whitetail deer to come into icebox. Eakins is
hunting for viewers. Her prey is deer. Eakins' work hopes to engage
wild animals in genuine (if not strictly visual) ways. She is curious
if a wild animal could have a shared aesthetic experience with humans,
and attempts to meet them half way using known lures to get them
through the door. If the gallery smells like deer, it must be deer,
right? Like children leaving milk and cookies for Santa, Eakins is
interested in the longshot. Her hope is that the crowd (deer and
people, maybe) will find what they are looking for--perhaps a willing
mate, an appreciation of the objects, sounds, and smells, or maybe
just a quiet place to graze.



Sanjeev Narang
email: ask {*at*} eConsultant dot com
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