Thursday, August 31, 2006


It is a simple truth of life that people come into our lives and and
after, an indeterminate amount of time, move on.

But, as the sign on Animal Farm read "All people are equal. But, some
are more equal than others."

And, so it is, the Carri - who took over from Tara and smoothly ran
the Docent program; whose hubby (PaulPaulPaul), mom and sister show
up at all opening and school nights; who took us down to Portland and
up to Bellingham (on a memorable oyster grey rainy day) ; who's shift
and class reminder emails came like clockwork; who got us our red
lanyards - will be missed more than the others.

Anna Castillo is near Timbuktu, Mali; Tara Young is near Boston;
Thankfully Carri is in Seattle and we have her phone/address - and
we'll find her around.

ArtsEd Washington should be happy to get one of TAM's best. We'll have
to steal someone from the SAM or elsewhere. That's the circle of the
small arts world.

The circle of life is a closed loop; stay connected.



Sanjeev Narang
email: ask {*at*} eConsultant dot com
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