Monday, June 12, 2006

Parade Puppet Workshop ; Demo : June 14 12-1pm / Class : June 29 and 30 12-3pm

Hello Fellow Docents,

Lia Craven can show you how to make garden themed puppets out of
recycled materials... Stop by the Untitled cafe and say hello to her
... she can tell you all about it ... she started a couple of weeks
ago ...


Parade Puppet Workshop

Free informational demo June 14 12-1pm
June 29 and 30 12-3pm $40
Location: 710 S. 7th & Anderson, United Methodist ( in the basement)
Learn 3 simple ways to make garden themed puppets out of recycled materials...

All those interested in participating....the location of the free
informational meeting and the two day paid workshop is the United Methodist
church on the corner of 7th and Anderson in the basement.
The deadline to sign up and reserve your place is June 24---pay about half
to reserve your place which is about $20, a very good deal.The class size
limit is 12. Why the workshop can be so cheap is because we will be using
recycled materials that you will bring although I will bring some tools and
materials too. If you have questions or want to sign up please email me at

The garden is alive and creeping down 6th ave.......

A floricultural parade puppet workshop

All skill levels are invited--I will show you how to make three types
of parade puppets: the large back pack puppet, a cardboard face mask
and an all cardboard body puppet. These puppets can all be made with
ordinary and recycled goods which you will collect and bring with you
to create your puppet. There will be one free informational
demonstration meeting June 14 where I'll explain what supplies you
will need depending on the puppet you want to make and examples of all
three types of puppet. If you are interested in the project, you can
come back for the paid two day workshop, $40 per person June 29th and
30th from 12- 3pm each day. This will be enough time for students to
finish a couple of simple masks or start one large puppet. The goal is
to finish these garden-themed puppets by July 9 in time for Art on the
Ave (12 to 6pm) and walk around with them at the festival---by
participating in the workshop you are committed to bringing your
creation to the festival in all its glory! June 14- free lecture,
June 29- 12- 3pm, June 30- 12- 3pm

Sanjeev Narang


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