Friday, June 02, 2006

notes about checking out books...

For everyone’s benefit, please restrain yourself from taking home (that is, “checking out”) the catalogs in the weeks leading up to the exhibition, as well as the first month of the exhibition.

There have simply been too many people keeping a catalog for the whole two weeks between their shifts, and with that scenario, it would take a year for each of you to be able to borrow the catalog – obviously too long. We will have to limit ourselves to reading the catalogs during a docent shift (or use the gallery catalog).


Photocopies of the shorter essays (not Essence of Line! J) can also be made available to you. (and if you use the photocopier, please conserve paper by using double-sided copying – touch the “simplex/duplex” tab on the copier screen or ask someone if you aren’t sure)


A huge amount of information for any exhibition can always be found on the internet or in your local library. I am also going to work on getting permission for docents to check out books from the ARC.

The docent bookshelf has many other books that can supplement your research and provide very valuable information, and I encourage you to borrow these books.


Thanks, as always, for your time!



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