Monday, June 26, 2006

FYI: summer schedule for Chihuly Walking Tours

Some info about Chihuly Walking Tours that I thought you might want to know to be the most-informed docent that you can be…


We only have 9 Chihuly Walking Tour docents right now, so you may be called upon if you docent on a Tuesday or Saturday, and I am unable to match the tour to one of the Chihuly docents.


We will be offering regular Chihuly Walking Tours throughout the summer. These tours will be organized on a regular schedule, not on the usual on-demand schedule – that is, a Chihuly Walking Tour docent will be ready to give a tour at a specific date and time. Museum visitors will be able to spontaneously join the tour without pre-booking anything. Hopefully this will satisfy some of the people who just show up and expect to be able to join a Chihuly Walking Tour (if they show up on every second Tuesday and Saturdays…).


Visitor Services and Kathy Cabusao, who schedules Chihuly Walking Tours, will be trying to funnel any requests for Chihuly Walking Tour towards the following dates.


For all the “scheduled” Chihuly Walking Tours, docents are supposed to arrive 15 to 30 minutes early to do some recruiting if there are visitors at the museum, and if there are no takers at 11 am, docents should stick around for another 15 to 30 minutes to see if someone shows up a little late. If there is no one interested in a Chihuly Walking Tour, then the docent is free to go home!


Here is the schedule for this summer’s regularly-scheduled Chihuly Walking Tours – they will be happening on Tuesdays and Saturdays, so that there is a tour every week approximately. You can assume that all these tours will definitely happen, even if a docent hasn’t been found yet.

We may add extra Chihuly Walking Tour during or around Chihuly Week too.


Chihuly Walking Tour Date: 

Chihuly Docent:

Saturday, June 24 @ 11 am

Margaret Upshaw

Tuesday, June 27 @ 11 am

Margaret Upshaw

Saturday, July 8 @ 11 am


Tuesday, July 11 @ 11 am

Dee Smethurst

Saturday, July 22 @ 11 am

Ellen Shigeno

Tuesday, July 25 @ 11 am

Dee Smethurst

Saturday, August 5 @ 11 am

Karen Bell-Hanson

Tuesday, August 8 @ 11 am


Thursday, August 10 @ 11 am


Friday, August 11 @ 11 am


Saturday, August 12 @ 11 am


Saturday, August 19 @ 11 am

Karen Bell-Hanson

Tuesday, August 22 @ 11 am

Dee Smethurst

Saturday, Sept. 2 @ 11 am

Ellen Shigeno





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