Sunday, June 18, 2006

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Dear Docents,
I'd like to recommend a fascinating book that fits perfectly with our Line
exhibit; it's called "The Judgment of Paris," by Ross King (he also wrote
"Brunelleschi's Dome" for those of you interested in architecture) and the
subtitle says it all-The Revolutionary Decade that Gave the World
Impressionism. I'm also going to cut and paste in a list of the exhibition
works according to sections-it's a kind of map I made to help me get the
whole scope of the show in my head. It may or may not be helpful. (and I
just found out you can't send attachments to a blog!) Finally, I wish you
all the best and hope to get back to see some of the great upcoming shows.
If you're coming to Bellingham, drop me a line at this email...Barbara

Portraits (on left wall as you enter Street Gallery)
Ingres, The Architect Andr�-Marie Chatillon
G�rome, Profile of Monnier
Manet, Portrait of Henri Vigneau
Delaroche, Study for Louise Vernet on Her Deathbed
Saint-M�min, Portrait of Charles Carroll of Homewood

The Figure
Dehodencq, Two Studies for The Bullfight
Prud�hon, Cupid Testing the Flame of His Torch
Hervier, Sketch Sheet
C�zanne, Sketch after Puget�s Milo of Croton
Lehmann, Studies of Draped Figures
Delacroix, Two Views of a Young Arab & Studies for the Salon du Roi
Bargue, Arab Kneeling in Prayer
G�r�me, Arab Standing in Prayer
(diagonal wall) Ingres, Study for V�nus � Paphos
Couture, Nude with Crossed Arms
Cassatt, Study for Sombre Figure
Degas, Ballet Dancer Standing

Facial Studies
Ribot, Conversation Piece: Three Heads
Lacombe, Studies for Chestnut Gatherers
G�ricault, Three Studies for Heads of Naval Officers
Degas, Head of a Roman Girl
Carri�re, Studies of Heads: Woman and Child
Gavarni, Head of an Old Man
Redon, The Eye
(on right wall) Pils, Artillery Practice
Abdih-Hiddisch, a Minatarre Chief
Bida, Two Albanians
G�r�me, Dutch Cavalier
Messonier, Courtyard of the Artist�s Studio

Discovery of the Natural World (on left wall as you enter main gallery)
Ziem, Venice, Evening; Constantinople
Isabey, Harbor Scene at Night; Fishing Boats
Thiollet, At Le H�vre for the Lottery
Huet, Fishing Boats
Goeneutte, Rotterdam
Millet The Sheepfold, Moonlight
?Boissieu, View of the Lac de Garde

Composition (on right wall as you enter main gallery)
Fleury, Anacreon and Two Lovers
Forestier, The Wrath of Saul
Bergeret, Study for Filippo Lippi Enslaved in Algiers, Painting a Portrait
of His Captor
Bida, Ceremony of Dosseh
(on dividing wall) Fantin-Latour, Homage to Victor Hugo
Chavannes, Study for Hope
Chass�riau, Study for the painting Ariadne Abandoned
Bouguereau, The Flagellation of Christ

The Lighter Side: Caricature, Satire, Illustration
Daumier, The Amateurs; The Omnibus; Grand Staircase of the Palace of
Justice; The Good Friends
Thomas, Clowns in a Street
Guys, The Handsome Team,
Toulouse-Lautrec, At the Circus
Beaumont, Here is the Pleasure, Sirs, Here is the Pleasure
Gavarni, �Goddamn! Madame, Do You Have a Husband?� & Actors

Drawing and Color (on dividing wall)
David, Composition with Three Figures
Millet,The Gleaners
Buhot, Winter Morning at the Old Quai de l�H�tel-Dieu,
Besnard, Crossing the Bridge
(back of title wall) Diaz de la Pe�a. Edge of the Forest
Piette, Figures in a Landscape
Daubigny, Study for the etching La Tonnelle & Tonnelle
L�on Bonvin, Flowering Chrysanthemum
(far wall after Satire) Fleury, Study for Brigands in the Abruzzi Ransoming
Bastien-Lepage, Piet�
Dor�, Jacob�s Dream
Corot, Saint Sebastian
Tissot, The Confessional
Vernet, Italian Peasants at a Shrine
Seurat, Two Men Walking in a Field
Van Rysselberghe, Evening: The Three S�the Daughters
Th�odore Caruelle d�Aligny, Landscape at Olevano
Lami, Study for a Painting of a Costume Ball Given by the Princess of Sagan
Renoir, The Washerwomen
Labrouste, View of an Etruscan Tomb
Marilhat, Study for Beneath the Archway & Beneath the Archway
Raffet, The Nocturnal Review
Delacroix, Turk Stroking His Horse
Jacquemart, The Washerwoman of Menton
Camino, Arab at the Fountain
Dedreux, Cavaliers
Giacomelli, A Perch of Birds
Gu�rard, 3 Decorative Borders in the Japanese Manner
Barye, Python in a Tree; Large Lion; Bear Attacking an Ox; Tiger Hunt,
Elephant Mounted by Indians
Delacroix, Lion and Snake
(on dividing wall) Rousseau, Landscape with Cottage
Jacquemart, Landscape
d�Aligny, Pastorale

Genre Scenes
Charlet, Old Man Before a Prie-Dieu
Fr�re, Interior with Three Boys Kneeling
Deshayes, Village Gate with Villagers
Vernet, Female Vendor with a Donkey and a Mason Cutting Stone
Bonheur, The Conversation
Decamps, The Washerwoman
Bonvin, Cook with Red Apron; Still Life on Kitchen Table with Celery,
Parsley, Bowl, and Cruets
Bonvin, Old Woman with Brass Pot
Soyer, Interior with Old Woman and Boy
Duverger, Mother and Child
Breton, Repose


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