Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Docent Updates

Hello Docents,


This is an email reminder that there is docent training tomorrow, November 5 at 10:30 am. We will meet in the Gates Library to go over the agenda and questions you may have. Then, we will move to the Haub Family Galleries for our last training over the Haub Family Collection of Western American Art. This training will be recorded like the other two trainings. All three trainings will be available to view online early next week.


Also, there are a handful of docents who still haven’t signed up for a docent shift or volunteer shift for the Gala or Grand Opening. Please take the time to look at your schedule and donate an additional 4 or 5 hours of volunteer service to TAM. Your help is greatly appreciated and it is noticed by me, the staff, and museum visitors!


I need a few docents to lead the following tours, please let me know if you’re interested.


Contact: Lauren Pace

Company/Community/Group name: Issaquah Senior Center

Date and Time: Wednesday, November 19th, 10:00am

Number of Attendees: 8-14 seniors

Tour Type: Haub Family Galleries


Contact: Mimi Wagar, (206) 546-8251

Company/Community/Group name: University of Washington Faculty Auxillary

Date and Time: Wednesday, November 19th, 11:30am               

Number of Attendees: 20-25

Tour Type: Haub Family Galleries

Docent:  I need one or two more docents to help Cathy Wiggins lead this group


School: River HomeLink

Teacher Contact: Doug Githens  360-891-1975  githens.doug@battlegroundps.org           

Number of Students: 48

Chaperones: 12

Grade: 7th/8th

Tour Type: Western American Art

Concepts“My students are studying Washington and United States History this year.”

Notes: Group will arrive and begin tour at 3:15 pm, and need to head out at 4:00 pm.  48 students to be split into two groups for guided tour.  Teacher requested that the art lesson portion be skipped so that the entirety of their 45 minute visit focuses on the guided tour portion. 

Docent: Need 2-3 docents





Public Programs and Volunteer Coordinator


T: 253.272.4258 x 3030

1701 Pacific Avenue, Tacoma, Washington 98402





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