Wednesday, August 25, 2010

TAM Docents: DRAFT Fact Sheet about Chihuly and glass

Hello Docents-

I am trying to update the Chihuly Tour Guide Handbook and I thought a quick fact sheet might be useful to those who are new to Chihuly tours. I have a few quick facts down below. Any others that you might add?

I will send a full list when completed (assuming you contribute, that is).

Thank you,



Chihuly Quick Fact Sheet


Ÿ  Lackawanna Ikebana – old Union Pacific railroad sign from Erie, Pennsylvania


Ÿ  Union Station dome: 90 ft. high; built in 1910 and completed in 1911; restoration completed in 1990;
designed by Reed & Stem, the architects who created New York's Grand Central Station
The station served rail passengers until 1983, when Amtrak moved its operations east of downtown.
1988 – Union Station was placed on the National Register of Historic Places and renovations began.
All was restored to its original splendor at a total cost of $57 million, plus a new a Federal Courthouse wing was added.
Union Station reopened on May 15, 1992, its historic rotunda open and free to the public.


Ÿ  Blue Chandelier: 20 x 9 x 3 ft.; over 2000 pieces.


Ÿ  Nisqually Earthquake: Feb. 28, 2001; 6.8 richters.


Ÿ  End of Day Chandelier: 600 pieces; 17 different shapes.


Ÿ  Seaforms Pavilion: 2364 pieces


Ÿ  Venetian Wall: 109 pieces


Ÿ  Crystal Towers: 63 pieces per tower; 40 ft. high.


Ÿ  first American to be designated—as Chihuly was in 1992—a National Living Treasure (


Ÿ  Seattle ranks second only to Venice in the number and quality of glassblowers that crowd within its city limits.


Ÿ  the Louvre (where Chihuly is one of only four Americans to have had a one-man show)


Ÿ  Chihuly Over Venice: In September 1996, Chihuly mounted his most ambitious installation to that point: 14 enormous chandeliers installed temporarily over the canals and in the palazzos of Venice. The chandeliers had been created over the preceding 18 months in a series of blows in Finland, Ireland, and Mexico that were documented in "Chihuly Over Venice."


Ÿ  Chihuly has one of the biggest Pendleton blanket collections in the world.



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