Monday, May 11, 2009

TAM Docents: Helen Drutt Collection Websites

Good morning, Docents-

Below is a formidable list of websites for the artists featured in the Ornament as Art catalog. Please note that not all artists represented in the catalog are in the exhibition but I wanted to get the list out to you so that you can start looking through. Any names that don’t have a website represent sites that the ARC volunteer who worked on this project could not find. If you find anything in your web searching, please pass it along for inclusion.


Helen Williams Drutt (** audio interview with HWDrutt **) (** interview with HWDrutt)

Giampaolo Babetto         (** good images **)

Robert Baines

Gijs Bakker

Michael Becker   (** note that this website is in German, haven't found one in English **)

Jamie Bennett         (** good images **)

Manfred Bischoff  (** some images **)

Liv Blavarp (** good images **)

Caroline Broadhead

Claus Bury

Pierre Cavalan  (** good images **)

Anton Cepka  (** not in English but LOTS of good images **)

Peter Chang

Sharon Church

Ken Cory

Johanna Dahm

Lam de Wolf  (** website is in Dutch but has some good images **)

Paul Derrez

Georg Dobler  (** good images **) (** bio info **)

Eva Eisler

Arline Fisch (** lots of good images **)

Max Frohlich
Fukuchi Kyoko
Elizabeth Garrison
Thomas Gentille
Toni Goessler-Snyder

Lisa Gralnick

Gary S Griffin

Laurie J. Hall

William Harper (** good images **)

Hiramatsu Yasuki

Ron Ho

Hermann Junger

Sieglinde Karl-Spence

Betsy King

Jaroslav Kodejs

Daniel Kruger

Otto Kunzli

Stanley Lechtzin

Nel Linssen

Fritz Maierhofer

Carlier Makigawa

Bruno Martinazzi
Falko Marx

Miye Matsukata!210495!0

Richard Mawdsley

Bruce Metcalf

Eleanor H Moty

Breon O'Casey (** some good images **)

Ogura Ritsuko

Judy Onofrio

Pavel Opocensky

Albert Paley

Francesco Pavan
(** not in English but access to several images **)

Mario Pinton

Dorothea Pruhl

Ramon Puig Cuyas
(** several images **)

Wendy Ramshaw

Richard H Reinhardt (** some bio info **

Gerd Rothmann

Marjorie Schick

Bernhard Schobinger[B.S.]&link=[B.S.]

Deganit Stern Schocken

Joyce J. Scott

Helen Shirk

Olaf Skoogfors

Peter Skubic

Robert Smit

Ramona Solberg

Janna Syvanoja

Donald Paul Tompkins
Merrily Tompkins

Emmy van Leersum

Tone Vigeland

David Watkins

Margaret West

J. Fred Woell

Nancy Worden   (** some images **)

Thank you for all that you do for Tacoma Art Museum!



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