Saturday, January 10, 2009

TAM Docents: Biennial participants websites & Presenation Instructions

Hello Docents-

Below is some wonderful information compiled by our ARC Volunteer, Wendy. I thought you might find this helpful in your research of Biennial artists. Many of these sites will end up on the Tacoma Art Museum website for additional exhibition information. I also have volunteers at work in the ARC making notebooks on all of the Biennial artists that you will also be able to use for your research. We are targeting January 20 as the date to have that project completed and displayed in the ARC.


For your Biennial Artist presentations, please choose 2 Biennial artists from the following list:

Rick Araluce, Seattle

Gala Bent, Seattle

Michael Brophy, Portland

Jack Daws, Seattle

Eric Elliott, Seattle

Tannaz Farsi, Eugene

Sarah Hood, Seattle

Denzil Hurley, Seattle

Linda Hutchins, Portland

Robert Jones, Seattle

Michael Kenna, Seattle

Doug Keyes, Seattle

Isaac Layman, Seattle

Zhi Lin, Sammamish

Micki Lippe, Seattle

Margie Livingston, Seattle

Victor Maldonado, Portland

Debora Moore, Seattle

Susan Robb, Seattle

Stephanie Robison, Portland

Ross Sawyers, Seattle

Susan Seubert, Portland

Chang-Ae Song, Eugene

Scott Trimble, Seattle


Give a brief biography of each (the kind of tidbits that would be interesting and useful in a tour) then briefly compare and contrast the 2, explaining why you chose to pair them, wrapping up with your take on why this artwork would be considered “Northwest Art”. You will have 5 minutes to give your presentation with up to another 2 minutes following your presentation for questions and responses from fellow docents (this will help us practice discussing this body of work within the context of the exhibition). I only want to spend one hour standing in the gallery (no stools please – to help us remain mindful of what we ask of our visitors but also to keep timing on track) so we will only do 8 presentations per training period before we move on to something else. This means that 3 different trainings will be needed. Please email me with you’re a) artist preferences and  b) the date you want to do your presentation. I will be asking for variety here so first come will be first served. I may need to ask you to choose other artists if I don’t get everyone represented and, again,  I can only take 8 presentations per date: Monday, February 23; Monday, March 9; or Monday, March 23.


Thank you!



Jana Wennstrom
Volunteer Programs Coordinator
T: 253.272.4258 x3030


Below are some websites for the biennial artists. I have noted the ones for which we have an artist file in the ARC with an (AF) behind their name


Rick Araluce (AF)

Gala Bent

Michael Brophy(AF)

Jack Daws(AF)

Eric Elliott

Tannaz Farsi

Sarah Hood(AF)

Denzil Hurley(AF)

Linda Hutchins(AF)

Robert C. Jones (AF) (there are multiple Robert Jones's who are artists -- I assume Robert C. Jones is the one who will be in the Biennial)

Michael Kenna

Doug Keyes(AF)

Isaac Layman

Zhi Lin

Micki Lippe(AF)

Margie Livingston(AF)

Victor Maldonado

Debora Moore

Susan Robb(AF)

Stephanie Robison

Ross Sawyers(AF)

Susan Seubert(AF)

Chang-Ae Song

Scott Trimble

Wendelyn Shore
Associate Professor and Chair
Department of Psychology
Pacific Lutheran University
Tacoma WA 98447


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