Tuesday, December 02, 2008

TAM Docents: Program reminder for December 9

Hello Docents-

I just wanted to remind you that we have a prestigious guest speaker coming next Tuesday that we highly recommend you come hear. This should add some beefy background for your Oasis tours!


The New Alexander: Napoleon in Egypt and the Holy Land
Tuesday, December 9, 10:30 am

In an illustrated lecture, J. David Markham, historian and award-winning author of numerous books on Napoleon, including Napoleon for Dummies, will discuss Napoleon’s Egyptian campaign and how young General Bonaparte was both good news and bad news for the French government.

Thank you!



Jana Wennstrom

Volunteer Programs Coordinator


1701 Pacific Avenue

Tacoma, Washington 98402

T: 253.272.4258 x3030

F: 253.627.1898



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