Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Tomorrow = 06/19 = Third Thursday = Docent Coffee + Artwalk

Hello Fellow Docents and Interesting People,

The long summer days are here ... come and see some art.

TAM has Renoir // Neddy // Telling Stories

The Museum of Glass has : Lino Tagliapietra // Living Legacies // Dante Marioni

William Travers has new exhibits: einar and jamex de la torre :
vitriolic complements

The Helm will have new exhibit: Ahhhhhhh!!! Ha.

Fulcrum has Local 253 which features work by Shannon Eakins.
((Fulcrum is at 1308 Martin Luther King Jr. Way))


A gentle reminder that this month's Docent Coffee / Third Thursday
coffee will be at Cutters Point Coffee, 5:00pm + with the same "No
Agenda" and same "No RSVP Required" policy as always!

Day: Third Thursday
Date : 06/19/2008
Place : ** Cutters Point Coffee **
Time: 5:00pm +

The museums will be open free and late; the galleries will be open;
we can take the train to the theater district. No agenda is good

No RSVP; Just show up!


Here are the 3rd Thursdays this year: 01/17 ; 02/21 ; 03/20 ; 04/17 ;
05/15 ; 06/19 ; 07/17 ; 08/21 ; 09/18 ; 10/16 ; 11/20 ; 12/18

You'll get one reminder message on the 3rd Mondays.

** As always: Too much email ?? Let me know if you want off this list. **


Sanjeev Narang
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