Thursday, May 01, 2008

CORRECTION: TAM: notes for april 21 training

Kathryn Whitacre, one of our new calligrapher-docents, has brought up some very relevant additional information regarding the April 21 training notes:


Mistakes on vellum are actually very easy to correct as the ink and pigment sit up on top of the skin. You can use a sharp razor and scrape off the offending error. The reason the line was put into place the way it was, was because the text had been completed and the correction would have unduly disturbed many lines of writing, when other more traditional ways to correct the mistake could be used. Thus the old method of drawing an arrow to where the missing text is to be inserted using Middle Age contrivance.


Another piece of info from Kathryn’s notes on the April 21 lecture:

The Muslim roots are with Abraham, too. Which in today's climate is probably pretty important to many who loose sight of that fact. Jews, Christians and Muslims all worship the same single God.


Also, at one of the upcoming trainings, I will make sure to introduce the new calligrapher-docents.


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