Monday, September 10, 2007

TAM: about the MR prints

At the Mary Randlett training, the question came up of why are the Mary Randlett photographs all newly printed for this exhibition?


Here are the reasons that the Curatorial department gave me:

-          Many of the originals were sold to private collectors and were not available for the exhibition.

-          Not all of these images were originally printed to the exhibition size and quality. Mary Randlett's focus on landscape is a more personal series that she did for her own enjoyment. For this exhibition, she went back to her collection of contact sheets and prints to choose the images in conjunction with Rock.

-          Mary Randlett's interest in abstraction in her photographs has increased as she has gotten older. As a result, some of the more abstract images in the exhibition were more interesting to her now than when they were originally shot, and she may not have originally printed them with this same interest in abstraction.

-          Mary Randlett offered to re-print the photographs because we have a close and long-standing relationship with her, and Tacoma Art Museum was more than happy to accept her generous offer.


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