Tuesday, August 07, 2007

TAM: Telling Stories artwork rotation

For conservation purposes, on Friday, August 3, four artworks were rotated out of Telling Stories and three different artworks have rotated in.


You will now see three new works on view. All three are drawn from the recent gift to the permanent collection of Japanese woodblock prints from Al and Betsy Buck, and they depict military scenes dating from 1900-1904. The prints are in particularly beautiful condition and each has a protective curtain designed to preserve their color and condition while on view. This is similar to the curtained presentation in 36 Views, and the wall in Telling Stories bears the same informative label explaining the curtain.


The following works have rotated out:

Ÿ  Jacob Lawrence’s Two Builders Playing Chess, 1996

Ÿ  Joseph Park’s Chess, 2001

Ÿ  And two actor prints from our collection of Japanese woodblock prints


Here are the works that have rotated in:

Ÿ  Yoshikuni Hirose, The great honor of the Navy Commander Hirose, 1904

Ÿ  Hanko Kajita, Japanese Force Attacking Chaoyang Gate in Beijing from the series Japanese forces occupy Beijing, 1900

Ÿ  Artist unknown, Publisher Fukuda Hatsujiro, Attack of Beijing Fort, 1900


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