Wednesday, June 13, 2007

TAM: Sparkle label update

Here are the two labels for Sparkle Then Fade that were not in the original set that was emailed to you.

The complete, updated document of Sparkle object labels is also attached.



Monique van Genderen (born Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, 1965)

“…a fondness for fairytales and a love of cash…” part II, 2007

Enamel and latex paint and vinyl on wall

Courtesy of The Happy Lion Gallery, Los Angeles, Howard House Contemporary Art, Seattle, and the artist


Monique van Genderen considers herself a romantic painter. Her ethereal imagery and otherworldly materials evoke places found only in dreams. In this installation, van Genderen uses the seductive and inky blue/black surface on the smaller wall to reflect the amorphous shapes that cover the second wall. She uses these two walls as tools to create the actual work of art: the reflections that hover in a pictorial illusion that has no physical boundaries. This interplay between reflection and color suspends the belief in the tangible world in the same way that fairytales transcend both truth and fiction.



Jeffrey Simmons (born Cincinnati, Ohio, 1968)

Scatter and Amass, 2007

Alkyd and urethane resin on canvas over panel

Courtesy of Greg Kucera Gallery, Seattle, and the artist


Jeffrey Simmons (born Cincinnati, Ohio, 1968)

Flux, 2002

Alkyd, Mylar, and epoxy resin on canvas over wood panel


Tacoma Art Museum, Gift of David Lewis in honor of

Dr. Gregory Lewis, Nancy Cole, and Delbert Lewis


Jeffrey Simmons’s meticulous paintings meld various traditions in abstract painting from the hard-edged abstractions of early modernists to op art of the 1960s. Simmons’s primary interest is the optical relationships of carefully-chosen color combinations. By using a base layer of reflective Mylar, Simmons heightens these effects. As the viewer moves about the gallery, the painted imagery appears to shift and glisten. The apparent changes in the painting’s imagery are an optical illusion made possible by the reflective Mylar.




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