Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Here's a site which has tracked down all the comics that Roy
Lichtenstein used to create his art.

See the comic images + lichtenstein's work together.

From the site:

The idea and concept for "deconstructing roy lichtenstein" began in
the fall of 1979. It started as a research project I presented on roy
lichtenstein, mel ramos, and andy warhol while a student at hartford
art school. Each artist in the early 1960's was using comic book
imagery in their work. I Began searching for the individual comics
which contained the original images. Since then, I have located over
90% of the originals. In 1979 there were only three published
lichtenstein sources " girl with ball", " the whole room ", and "image
duplicator ". With none for ramos, and warhol. The very first image I
found was "good morning darling" in 1978. Since then I have examined
over 25,000 comic books... And the search goes on.



Sanjeev Narang
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