Thursday, May 11, 2006

REMINDER: Essence of Line readings

Please make sure that you have read the following sections in the “Responding to Art” textbook before Patricia’s Essence of Line intro lecture on May 22 and 24:

  • pages 456–471: “Eighteenth-Century Art: Baroque to Rococo to Neoclassical” and “Neoclassicism, Democracy, and Revolution”, including “Appreciation 30”  This is the period before the Essence of Line exhibition starts, and it is important background information. 
  • chapter 16 (pages 477–513): “Art in the Nineteenth Century: Romanticism to Post-Impressionism” which covers Romanticism, Classical Art, Romantic Art and Architecture and Design, Naturalism, Realism, Impressionism and Post-Impressionism.


Also, don’t forget that we have one copy of the “Responding to Art” textbook at the Docent Desk bookshelf, and you can borrow it for a few days by checking it out – at the very front of the Docent Log Binder, there are pages with instructions on how to check out books.


Thanks for your time!



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