Friday, April 21, 2006

Reminder: Tour Signage Stanchion

The stanchion can be found in the coat closet by the bathrooms or in the Event Space closet (which is locked).

The paper signs announcing tours can be found in a folder at the front desk.


If you can’t find the stanchion or the signs, please ask Visitor Services.


If you want to advertise your tour(s):

  • Place the appropriate sign in the stanchion and carry the stanchion to the appropriate gallery or leave it by the front desk.
    (The stanchion is a little heavy, if you can’t manage it, please ask Visitor Services to help you.)
  • We don’t want the stanchion loitering around the museum and confusing visitors, so please place it out no more than 2 hours before your tour time, and remove it when the tour is finished.
  • Make sure that Visitor Services at the front desk and the Greeter knows about your upcoming tour so they can tell in-coming visitors all about it.



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