Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Dale Chihuly Makes His Own Weather

This was a follow-up to the other Chihuly article, and Jen Graves gives her opinion on Tacoma’s Bridge of Glass, among other things.



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The Stranger

Feb 16 - Feb 22, 2006

Dale Chihuly Makes His Own Weather

Although He Doesn’t Make His Own Glass

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This week in The Stranger, visual art editor Jen Graves writes about a lawsuit brought by Chihuly Inc. against a glassblower and a glass dealer accused of making and selling knockoffs of Dale Chihuly’s art. But is it Dale Chihuly’s if Dale Chihuly didn’t actually make it? And is it art if it’s made in a factory? What happens to an artist when he becomes a corporation? These are the questions Graves addresses in "Glass Houses." Here online, Graves talks to Stranger arts editor Christopher Frizzelle about the personalities involved in these lawsuits, the blight that is Tacoma’s Bridge of Glass, and the way that Chihuly’s best work is similar to a really good synchronized swimming movie.

Frizzelle: Dale Chihuly strikes me as sort of creepy. Is he creepy?


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